Shopping on a budget in Liverpool

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Pound Bakery 51 Lord St

Open daily 8am -5pm and they’re located all around central Liverpool. Pound Bakery is by far the cheapest place to pick up breakfast or lunch! The most expensive items on their menu is their filled Baguette sandwiches that are £1.50 and they are actually fairly large. They offer plenty of deals at their stores which is great if you are traveling with a family!

Tesco Superstore, MSU 46 Hanover ST

Just like Pound Bakery you are able to find cheap eats here! One of my favorite things to buy at the Tesco Express stores are their precut fruit for about £1 for a large container! You can’t find precut mangos for that price! They all come with a little spork inside for you to eat on the go, and if you are planning to do a lot of walking like I did it’s a great snack! If you’re like me and like to try different snacks and drinks from different countries, shopping at these stores are a great start!

Home Bargains, 56-58 Wall Street

I went to this store to pick up a variety of chocolate bars and snacks for family back in the states. Their prices are incredibly low, usually a few pence each! This store was really convenient in location too, there is a post office right around the corner in the WHSmith building (upstairs).

Poundland, Basnctt Street

This is the Dollar Tree of Liverpool, everything is really cheap, items are as low as a few pence to £5. Grocery including snacks and drinks are 50pence to £1 , their home decor is what is £5 but since I wasn’t planning on shopping for shower curtains it didn’t bother me.